Create an account (Roku Link Code)

Creating a new account with Roku is very easy and you can create any number of free accounts on the website. However, for every unique email ID, you can create only one Roku account. Similarly, if a Roku device is linked to an account with a Roku link code, then you cannot link the device to another account. So, why don’t we have a look at the steps involved in this account creation process?

roku link code

Create a Roku account using Roku Link Code

  • Visit the Roku website
  • Then, access the signup page
  • There will be three online forms to fill
  • Each form will appear only when you complete the previous form except for the first one
  • On the first form, you will be asked your personal details
  • These include your name, mail ID and age
  • When you submit it, you get the second online form
  • This is where you set a PIN for your account
  • You can also set preferences for the same
  • Once done, you are navigated to the payment setup page
  • You can either skip this step by simply closing your browser window
  • Otherwise, setup card or PayPal details for ease of access later on
  • Finally, close the browser window once you submit your request

Open another browser window and check if you requested was accepted by logging into the account using the details that you just furnished. If successful, move on to the device linking process with the Roku link code. Otherwise, try creating an account with a different email ID or with different payment credentials.

Getting the link code

After you complete the first-time setup of your Roku using Roku com link support, you will end up connecting it to your internet. Irrespective of the connection type, you will see a code on your screen just after a few minutes. You should allow your system some time before code generation for self-update of its software. But the code generation process will not take more than 10 minutes unless there are issues with your network or the Roku server. Contact our support team if you get any error codes like Roku error code 003, Roku error code 009 and Roku error code 014.

In which case, we would advise you to repeat the process after some time. Or maybe even check with your ISP to know if everything is alright from their side. The code will be alphanumeric and has to be noted down ASAP. It has an expiry and makes sure you use it while the code is still active.

Activating the device – Roku Activation

This is the final step where you link your device to your account using the all-important Roku link code. Like we mentioned earlier, the code has an expiry attached to it and besides, is also case sensitive. So, carefully note it down, login to your account and enter it in the activation link page. If everything goes well, you will automatically see the Roku screen on your TV which will otherwise hold a blank screen.

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