Roku error codes are common while you activate or link the streaming device. There exist different errors and the troubleshooting guide varies for each Roku error codes. Use the troubleshooting tips to resolve the Roku error code 003 and proceed using the device.

Roku error code 003

Roku Error code 003 on Roku indicate the software error. It is easy to troubleshoot the error with the help of troubleshooting tips available on our webpage. Let us have a good review of the available troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot the Roku error code 003 and start streaming your device using the given steps below. Enjoy watching the best program collections that are on demand.

roku error code 003

Resolve Your Roku Error Code 003

Check the device software version

Ensure that your device uses the latest version of the software. If not uninstall the existing software and try updating the latest version of the software.

Settings to update the software – Go to settings >General > Software update. Search for the option,  check now and then tap on the ok button. The device will automatically check for the software update and update the latest device software.

Make a note that once you connect the device to the network it will automatically update the software.

 Perform a system update – Use the settings >system > system update for updating your device and then check if the errors still persist.

Restart your streaming device- Restarting your device will help you to resolve most of the Roku errors. Use the settings >system>system update to update the device.

You can either perform a factory or the hard reset.

To perform a factory reset of your Roku- Hard reset

  • Turn on the streaming device and go to the settings menu and choose the advanced system options. Search for the factory reset option and tap on it. The next step will prompt you to provide the channel activation code.
  • Provide the code and carry on with the onscreen instructions and all settings on your streaming device will reset.

To perform a soft reset of your Roku

  • To perform a soft reset, take out all the cables connected to the device. Wait for some time and connect the cables back again. Reboot the entire device once. Try pressing the reset button located at the back of the device for at least three to four seconds
  • Wait for sometime and restart the device.

Check the status of the network connection

Wireless connection

Check the speed of the network connection- Ensure that the device is connected to the good speed network connection. Provide the valid network credentials for the wireless network. You can also get help on Roku wi-fi problems.

Go to the settings > network to verify the internet settings.

Wired network connection

Users who prefer the wired network connection can check the ethernet cable and connect it to the respective slot. You can also try restarting the modem once and check if the error persists.

Resolve the Roku error code 003 and start streaming the device by visiting our hub Ring the toll-free lines and contact our network team @ +1-877-425-1410 to know more and to get more updates.

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