Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to this privacy policy of website and also to information policy of the website which may include collection, storage and transfer of data from users. Pertaining to the individual user, the information thus collected can be general and personal information.

Data Collection Process

Only based on the query put forward by the user, we collect data from the users. For the proper resolution of the query, it is important that these details provided by the users are accurate. Without obtaining the necessary details from the users, will be unable to conduct and operate any business.

However, users who opt for our services which include troubleshooting, support and maintenance personal information are the ones from whom we collect any information. For the best possible solution, printer to the website’s representatives, it is mandatory that the user mentions the appropriate model number or name of their device. One of the following categories is where the data collected by the websites will fall under.

Name and Contact details

User’s first name, last name, home number, mobile number, mailing address and email address are details that only collects. Either via chat messages or through a call placed from or to our toll-free number, the information will be collected by the website’s representatives.

Credentials and Payment data collection

You will be required to provide your payment credentials for assisting the website in providing the best services, such as a valid credit or debit card number and the necessary authentication information such as an OTP. It is a highly confidential information and will be treated thus by the website, which in turn also refers to its representatives.

Device Information

The printer’s model number, year and date of purchase are details collected by the website and also information relating to existing conditions and other issues recently faced by the Roku device.

Error messages

To the website or its representatives, it is essential that all error messages are submitted whenever necessary. With the help of these messages, a proper solution can arrive. The user will only delay the troubleshooting process by withholding the error messages from

Collection of Location data

The website may collect information for the sole purpose of customer servicing, regarding the Roku’s location, such as the city or province.


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