HBO Go Roku Activate Channel

Today, HBO enthusiasts can use many ways to subscribe to and watch their favorite shows. Whether you are heading to work or sitting in front of the TV at home, you still get to watch your preferred content the way you want. Taste this freedom with HBO’s twin streaming services in the form of HBO Go Roku Activate and the other one, which is HBO Now. Experience the wonders of ‘Game of Thrones’ on any HBO-compatible device or an iPhone or the PlayStation 4.

HBO Go Roku Activate

Activate HBO GO channel using HBO Go Roku Activate

Device Availability

As the TV streaming revolution steadily grew, the number of players in the market grew too. And so HBO GO was waiting for an opportunity to give an answer and it came in the form of HBO GO. The service provided customers the convenience of accessing HBO for subscribers at all tiers. The launch is obviously beneficial for HBO fans who want to access their favorite app from either the Android or the iPhone or the iPad. Internet-TV friendly devices such as Xbox and Roku can also stream HBO Go Roku activate.

The broadcast is limited to HBO subscribers only and very naturally, is unavailable for those who don’t subscribe to it. If you have cable, then certainly, you should be able to access it. All these services come at competitive prices though.


You can perform the HBO GO Roku activate channel process by searching for HBO GO channel from the channel store on Roku. Once you have done that you have to add the channel to the Roku com link device. Thereafter you have to setup HBO GO by clicking on ‘Activate your Device’. Select your device as ‘Roku’, enter the Roku link code and then proceed to the activation screen. Then click on your provider’s name from the list and sign in with their credentials.

App Offerings

The channel offers several hit movies, shows, and sports. There are documentaries and kids’ shows available as well. Access all of HBO’s original content and watch them straight out of your device. Launch the app and just tap on the screen for it to start. Regardless of whether you have subscribed to HBO Go or HBO Now, you will have every comedy, television series, film, etc. available through both the services. It is as good as the original broadcast itself.

HBO GO and NOW Apps and their interface

The apps have similar interfaces and their methods of navigation are similar too. There are several helpful sections and both of them have the ‘new releases’ and ‘featured’ content menus available as well. All the sections are rather easy to figure out. Access episodes from the past or the present. You have an exhaustive list of interviews to choose from and some supplementary material as well. The supplementary content is more often linked to some of the favorite shows that you have watched. Have new episodes of your most preferred shows sent automatically to your list by creating a ‘Watchlist’. Interact with your friends to discuss the shows that you are watching together through Facebook and Twitter links on the app itself. There are several online tutorials available for the channel, along with email support and FAQs.

Accessibility to audiences

The HBO Go Roku Activate is for a target audience and is available free for HBO Subscribers. Get access to a lot of cable and classic TV shows, from the network. The collection of original programming is rather impressive and there is a generous selection of movies that you can choose from. Original programming along with kids’ and sports shows are available here too. Download and setup of the HBO GO App on your mobile device are very easy.


At a flat rate of about $15 per month, you can get this stand-alone package without the requirement of a cable subscription. But HBO Go is available free with a subscription to HBO.

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