Sony is an entertainment avenue that has multiple platforms to keep the users engaged. Their play stations and the channels that they own have been great stress busters for a lot of people, and such channel is the Sony Crackle.

The channel is absolutely free, and can be streamed anytime, from anywhere. A Roku account and an activation code to enter in the Roku webpage. With these two, you can start streaming the channel right away. Roku

Everything original in Crackle TV 

  • StartUp
  • The Oath
  • Sequestered
  • The Bannen Way
  • Jailbait
  • Trenches
  • Star-ving
  • Angel of Death
  • Cleaners
  • Snatch
  • CH:OS:EN
  • Issues
  • Supermansion
  • Hook’d
  • Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy
  • The Art of More
  • From the Basement
  • The Ropes
  • Playing It Forward

 These are the few originals by Crackle TV, and there are a lot more movies and dramas that Crackle offers as a part of their channel. The best part about this is that all of these soaps and movies are on demand content, meaning you can stream them anytime you want. However, before that, you’ll have to activate the channel at Roku, and we’ll let you know how to do that. Roku Process

Well, any channel activation in Roku is usually three-fold. First, you find the channel, then you download and install the channel.

  1. A Roku account and a Roku device.
  2. An activate internet connection.
  3. A separate browser window opens in your device.

These are the basic requisites that you would need. If you don’t have a Roku account yet, please open it. It’s fairly simple, and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

  • Once your Roku account is active, switch on your Roku device.
  • Login to your Roku account, and then go to the Roku channel store.
  • From there, enter in the search bar any keyword marginally related to Crackle TV.
  • You can type in the channel’s name, or a program that is being broadcast in the channel.
  • Once you have Crackle in the search result, download and install the channel application.
  • Parallely, open the Roku site on the device you have with you.
  • Once the channel is open, it will give you a Roku activation code which you will have to enter on to the browser screen.

This will complete your crackle TV activation on Roku, and you can enjoy all the content that is available on Crackle TV. For any queries visit or call our toll-free number +1-877-425-1410

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